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Africa Sleeps Organic Curl Detangler

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Just do it! Learn to care for your Black kid’s hair

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Before we went to Ethiopia to pick up our daughters, I was determined to learn how to do their hair. I had ordered a curly haired mannequin head off of ebay, but never got to practice on it, since our adoption agency went bankrupt. Suddenly, on six hours notice, I was heading to Ethiopia for an indeterminate amount of time, with only a pick and a comb to rely on. Despite the best of my internet I ons, I was underprepared to tackle twin two and a half year old’s African hair.

Not a week had gone by after meeting my girls, that I realized I was going to have to learn to cornrow… And fast. Luckily, I shared a guest house with a lovely young mom from Ghana, who had worked for West African royalty as aesthetician. Saved! Merry plopped Spice down on the steps, and proceeded to explain to me the basics of braiding. Ten minutes later, Spice was crying and wanted to escape Aunty’s rough combing. But that ten minutes of instruction was crucial to my ability to care for my daughters’ hair.


Not a day or two later, I did my first cornrowing. I started with one daughters, and the next day, did the second.



I totally laugh looking back at these photos, because it really was quite horrible. My parts were messy, the hair wasn’t pulled straight… But you know, the girls thought it was awesome. “Konjo Sharuba!” They would cry, when seeing themselves I the mirror. Beautiful braids!

I also thought it was awesome! And the Ethiopians and other Africans I was living with congratulated me on my enthusiastic braiding. So I paraded those kids all over Addis, and after a week when their hair was falling out (really, they were the worst cornrows ever,) I started again.

I found that little micro styles were my friend. It got me used to working with their hair, and I actually got some cute results.

Then, on holiday a month or so later in a cabin in the Ethiopian forest, I tried cornrowing again… With beads! With no distraction except the roving baboons, the girls has shorter attention spans, and I found it very stressful. We took many breaks, until I finally had their hair “done.” I think it last another week, lol.


We all start somewhere with hair… I started in Ethiopia. Thanks to a gracious hair mentor, support from the locals, and my blind enthusiastic pride, I learned to care for my daughters’ hair. If you are just beginning and are overwhelmed, take heart; if I can be an entirely adequate cornrower with that start, you can too!

I think it is all parents’ responsibility to care for their children’s hair. For transracial families with non-Black parents and children of African heritage, this is doubly important. Caring for your child’s hair and skin means cultural fluency for your children, and acceptance of your parenting by members of their birth culture. It’s not easy… But it’s important.


You may not have a Ghanaian aesthetician at your disposal, but if you can read this blog, you have access to Youtube. Hair blogs such as Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care and adoption haircare Facebook groups are also wonderful resources. And don’t forget to connect with your local African, Caribbean, and Black communities for support!


Most importantly, give yourself time and an occasional pat on the back as you fall into the hair groove. Cornrows, as Rome, are not always built in a day. Try try try, and make hair time as pleasant for yourself and your kids as possible. Congratulate yourself when something turns out, and when it doesn’t… Go swimming. Then no one will notice.


Inspired by our apple tree: Red Apple Cinnamon Shampoo

Every one of our Africa Sleeps products was designed to evoke ideas about a special place and time. This October, the leaves have turned yellow and red, kids are merrily back to school, the salmon are running in the streams, and there is hot apple pie baking in the oven!

photo 3b

Sounds idyllic, but with an apple tree in our backyard, these are our family’s best and true impressions of fall. And this scene of our daughter picking apples from our backyard tree is exactly what inspired our Red Apple Cinnamon Silky Shampoo. It has an amazing fragrance of hot apple pie, right out of the oven, complete with cinnamon, lemon and vanilla essential oils for a hint of that baked spice smell.

photo 1

This shampoo is the richest, silkiest I have ever tried. It’s incredibly nourishing, and doesn’t dry out hair at all. One customer wrote me a rave review, I’d love to share with you:

“I have never shampooed the boys’ hair before… ‘ loved the richness of the shampoo. I actually combed it out with the shampoo in, which I wouldn’t have thought possible. We will probably occasionally shampoo now, as I didn’t feel like I was damaging/stripping his hair.”

Well, that just about sums it up! I hope you will try out our amazing silky shampoo. If Red Apple Cinnamon isn’t your thing, we also sell it in an unscented version!

photo 2

Red Apple Cinnamon Silky Shampoo ingredients: Purified water, certified organic blend of marigold, burdock root, nettle leaf,  rosemary, wild-harvested dandelion, wild-harvested horsetail, decyl polyglucose, coco glucoside, xanthum gum, oatmeal  protein, sucrose cocoate, vitamin B5, jojoba seed oil, citric acid, vitamin B7, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, hydroxymethylglycinate, red apple flavour oil, vanilla absolute, cinnamon essential oil, lemon essential oil.

Organic Hair and Body Care Line Launched!

Well, we’ve done! Jumped and plunged! Our new hair and body care line for African children is in the store at
curl definition

I really wanted to expand my store, but I needed the right products that I could really stand behind, and the right partner to do it. Every one of these fabulous products works as well as the ones I have been (happily) paying a fortune for at Lush, Biolage, etc. But now I can get everything I need for my girls’ gorgeous hair and skin in my own store! We have fabulously fruity scented products (using essential oils, absolutes, and flavour oils,) as well as an unscented line, for those who like to keep it simple.

cherry vanilla creamy body wash front  citrus curl definition front

I am making some of the products myself – you’ll find the world’s best Braid Balm and delightful Hair Oils and Hair Butter. But I also partnered with a company that specializes in green chemistry – making amazing products using natural, certified organic, wild-harvested, and fair trade ingredients. I am very proud that all my products have 55-98% certified organic ingredients, and use fair trade shea butter from two women’s cooperatives in Ghana.

Some products you should totally try: amazing matte face lotion (I admit I’ve switched to using this as well…), soft and bouncy curl definition (I can’t believe how well this works in my daughters’ free hair!) and the most luscious, slippery nourishing conditioner I have ever had the pleasure of picking my daughters’ hair out with.

I hope you will check them out, tell all your friends… and of course… place an order!

My huge thanks for your support these last two years! My adoption community ROCKS!


coconut lime  nourishing body lotion front vanilla cinnamon nourishing body front Shampoo Apple front Banana Coconut Nourishing Conditioner front Sweet Orange Moisturizing Conditioner front sweet almond apricot hair oil 8oz front Strawberry Citrus Curl Definition front Pink Grapefruit Face Lotion front Camomile Mint Hair Butter front braid balm

Hair styles: two stranded twists


One of my favourite “quick” styles to do on my girls is two stranded twists. Of course, it’s only quick if you do big loopy twists with lists of hair! Smaller sections of hair take longer. But I love the soft looks of my daughter’s hair in this style.