Traditional Cornrows for Sugar’s Spring Style


From the whole lexicon of cornrowing and braiding in Ethiopia, my daughter Sugar decided that she wanted some classic Oromo cornrowing for her spring hairstyle. My only qualification was that it was pretty tight braids, since I didn’t want to have to do her hair until near the end of June. I’m timing it for summer camps, you see!



braid-balmWe went through many of my braid pictures from Ethiopia, and we decided to do some classically divided cornrows.

I love this style, because you divide the hair in sections, but then work with the natural curvature of her head to product rows. You start at one of the sections, and then work perpendicularly to the other section. I use Honey Almond Braid Balm in each cornrow, to protect the hair and nourish her scalp. It also really helps my arthritic hands grip the hair.



The only modern aspect of this style is finishing her braids in buns. Sugar is such an active kid, that this helps her from unraveling (and chewing on) her long braids.

Super cute, I think! And it should last for four – five weeks, no problem. As long as I can keep Sugar out of the pool….

No Match: the adoption wait continues


It’s so totally disappointing… apparently only families requesting children over 5 years of age (not us) were matched. The next meeting is in April.

We’re all pretty bummed.

I wouldn’t have got the kids hyped up, if I had thought this was going to happen… at least there is some positive learning for them. Spice said “if you waited and waited for us, you must have really wanted us.” True dat. Sugar, the emotions-avoider, just flailed about frantically on the bed as we had our family meeting on the duvet. “I’m a little sad. What’s for supper?” But then a minute later: “I’m sorry there were 7 court dates for us. That must have been really hard.” Also, true dat. But worth it.

So let’s hope this is all worth it in the end, too.

Jason was surfing the internet about everything Lesotho adoption today – he woke up this morning pretty excited. I on the other hand, didn’t sleep. The whole thing just makes me tired and depressed. Ug.

Off to our parent adoption support group to tell our woes tonight. At least we have a group of friends who understand!