Africa Sleeps: Tub Time Challenge! Win conditioner and curl definition

I admit, sometimes I just don’t have two or three hours to set aside and do my daughter’s hair! So we have perfected the art of the super quick style done while my girls lay in the bathtub. That’s right… Fifteen minutes, that’s all I get!

This is one super quick style we did last week. I just picked her hair out with Sweet Orange Cardamom Moisturizing Conditioner, cornrowed big sections of her hair and pulled them back into a puff. A little Mixed Citrus Curl Definition tapped into her curls to finish, and voila! Simple, but super cute.

I would love to see some of your super quick styles… Please feel post your pics on our Facebook page! Let’s show the world what we can do with 15 minutes!

The best picture posted before October 31, 2013, gets 4oz bottles of the two products I mentioned above. How about them oranges?


Frugal Give-away! Smart Women Finish Rich

smart womenThis first give-away, I have the fantastic financial book Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach. You heard me rave about the Smart Couples Finish Rich book, and how it made such a difference in Jason and I’s life. We were able to set value-based priorities, and structure our financial life around what is really important to us.

Well, this is the version for single ladies. If you are a single mom, or have a daughter just going out on her own, this is the book for you!

This book has “straight-shooting, action oriented tips for getting a handle on your spending habits… presented in a straightforward, nonintimidating manner, perfect for the personal finance newbie.” ABC News

So how do you get a chance at this book? Simply leave a comment on one of my other blogposts during this week, and next weekend I’ll pick a winner (email them for their address) and ship off the book!

The winner was Joan! On St Vincent Island!