Wine Wednesday: Tarima Organic Monastrell


Can you imagine a wine growing region that is so hot and dry, the vines can’t be grown in rows? Instead, the 30 year old vines are grown in a funnel shape, to capture the maximum moisture, and sent it directly to the root of the plant.

Yesterday I picked up a 2012 bottle of Tarima Organic wine, from  Bodegas Volver. The grapes for this juicy, hot-blooded wine are grown in a harshly warm climate off the coast of Spain, on the west side of the Mediterranean. The region is DO Alicante, which is close to one of my favourite Spanish wine areas, DO Jumilla.

I poured the inky purple wine into short Riedel glasses for supper. “I can’t tell what colour it is!” one of my daughters said, and she went to the office to get a piece of white paper to hold underneath it. (Yes, this is Sugar, the Little Chef.)

Tarima Organic

The wine was opaquely purple. Everything about it showed the climate it was grown in.

It had intense aromas of red bricks, cherry, steel, cinnamon, coal brickets. It’s incredibly intense – I can’t imagine enjoying it without food, but then again, I can’t imagine not enjoying it with food! We served it with mashed sunchokes and potatoes, bison steak and shitake mushrooms. It needed all those big flavours to cope with the intensity of the wine.

More cherries to taste, and this dusty, tumbleweed, herbaceous flavour. Hot with alcohol, but balanced with high acidity and dusty, soft tannins in full force.

Absolutely intense, and delicious, and for under $20 – great deal! Maybe a new grilling favourite?

The Little Chef: Bison Meatloaf

My daughter is back in the kitchen, and this time she’s cooking game! Sugar concocted up a wild bison meatloaf with seasonal herbs and tomatoes form the garden.

She really does come up with these recipes herself, so sometimes I need to add a little editorial. The meatloaf was super moist… But wouldn’t stay together until the second day. So I suggest either waiting until day 2 to eat it! or, squishing the juice from the tomatoes.

Bon appetite, from my seven year old chef!

The Little Chef makes Super Steelhead Trout


My daughter “Sugar” loves to cook.. She’s wanted to be a chef since she was four years old. She slices, she dices! And now she has enough skill to be in charge of an expensive ingredient.

In the following video, Sugar shows you how to make her version of steelhead trout. This is her own recipe, with no ideas from me. Enjoy! And yes, it was delicious!

The Little Chef Makes Blueberry Muffins

My daughter, Sugar, aka, the Little Chef make her blueberry muffin recipe today. She also wrote out her recipe, and asked for me to re-post it with the recipe card included. So, without further ado, Blueberry Muffins from the Little Chef!


My daughter “Sugar” is back for her third episode of “the Little Chef.” This time, she’s making her version of Blueberry Muffins!


If you haven’t seen Sugar’s cooking show before, be sure to check out her other episodes:
The Little Chef makes Super Steelhead Trout
The Little Chef makes Bison Meatloaf

Love to hear about or see the results, if you make her muffin recipe! As you can tell from the picture above… Hmmmm… They really are delicious!