About Our Family


Our family isn’t just the 4 of us – Jason and Arnica, and our daughters “Sugar” and “Spice.” (Yes, those are pseudonyms.) Our family is a zoo full of animals, our loving relatives and our amazing group of friends. Our family was built by adoption, birth and choice.

People are constantly coming and going in our home and we are always on an adventure. Our energetic daughters keep us on our toes, we are busy with work, business, charity and fun: life is never dull in the Rowan household.

Please leave a comment to introduce yourself.

We love hearing from you, as much as you enjoy seeing us in action.

~The Rowans

PS: If you are looking for the first seven years of our blog – well, it imploded. So this is blog #2! May it also last seven years…

8 thoughts on “About Our Family

  1. Hi, Arnica!
    Just wanted to say hello and that I really enjoy reading your blog.
    I recently brought home my three-year-old son from Ethiopia, and in the months preparing for his arrival I found your experiences so helpful. Thank you for sharing your family story, and for persevering with your blog even after its implosion…
    Sonja (from Winnipeg)

  2. HI! My husband and I are just about ready to send away our dossier and are trying to choose between Lesotho and Ethiopia, I would love to chat with you! We are in BC, are you as well? If interested please message me 🙂

  3. Hi, I have enjoyed reading about your journey, your girls are beautiful.
    I have been going to Ethiopia helping the orphans and am planning my next trip for later in Aug and will stay until the end of Jan/15. I have spent most of my time in Addis Ababa, but may spend some time in Jimma this next trip. I am also helping 2 of my Australian friends who are just about finished the process of opening a new much higher standard Orphanage in Addis Ababa and soon to get to work on the one in Jimma that the officials requested. Do you live in lower BC? I am in Northern BC and I drive to White Rock where our oldest daughter lives – then she drive me down to Seattle to fly out with Emirates as they seem to have the most direct flight. Are you planning to go again soon?

    • Hi Gail! I go every year, and our last trip was more of a family trip, so likely we will be going in September or October…. We live in Kelowna, BC! Nice to meet you!

  4. Hi Arnica,
    I was directed to you blog after doing some research on adopting in Ethiopa. I went to check out your instagram and was surprised to see you are from Kelowna! We live in Coldstream. I was wondering if I could get your email so that I could ask you a few questions or if you know of an adoption support group in the Okanagan?
    We haven’t started our adoption journey and hoping we could talk to some families to get a feeling of what to expect during the whole process.
    Thanks so much,
    instagram: jumpinmygame

    • Well, that’s lovely, Alisha… Nice to meet you! We do have a couple of adoption support groups in the Okanagan. I’ll email you asking more about your adoption plans to direct you in the right direction 🙂

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