Camel Bones and Canopy Walks: Adventures in Vancouver with Uncle B

Last weekend I went on a short notice trip to the Lower Mainland. A cultural society asked me if I’d do some facilitation work for them in Chilliwack, and I wanted to, but I had the kids in tow (Jason as doing all his ski patrol certification that weekend, so he was out of the picture.) My creative solution was to fly down Uncle B from Fort St. John, to babysit the girls while I facilitated. That definitely made the weekend a cost neutral exercise, but it was great for the girls and I to spend time with B, who we usually only see once a year. Plus, we had a weekend full of adventure in Vancouver! Thanks to B for joining us and showing the girls and I a great time.

Click on the images to embiggen…

2 thoughts on “Camel Bones and Canopy Walks: Adventures in Vancouver with Uncle B

  1. Hi Arnica,
    I am happy that I stumbled on your blog. One of my friends directed me to African sleeps today. It was great to check out. I would love to connect and hear more of your story. We have adopted twins from Sierra Leone and are hopeful to bring them home in January. We live in Summerland so not too far. I would love to pick your brain from parenting black children to adoption to haircare etc!

    • Hi Kayt! Funny, small world… I had heard about you! And can’t wait to meet you. I’ll add you to our Families with Children from Africa mailing list, and you’ll have to come the next event, even if E you don’t have your kids yet 🙂

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