Fathers Day Diner


I was so proud of my little girls on Father’s Day. They are so considerate sometimes! As a special treat for their daddy, the girls dressed up as a 50s style diner waitress and proper French chef.  Then they made a delicious breakfast all from scratch, complete with excellent service.

First, Spice set the table…


Sugar made cinnamon buns and chopped pineapple, two of daddy’s favorites. image

Daddy was properly appreciative. The girls dined him and made him feel very special.


The funniest part of the day was when Spice the waitress to exclaimed, as she made daddy a mocha for the table, “these heels are killing me!”  Quite obviously, they were not entirely necessary to the outfit.


After breakfast, we went for a long walk with the dogs, and then daddy went off to the hardware store to buy lumber for his new poker table project.


It’s funny, all the moms I know want for Mother’s Day is to have a day where they do absolutely nothing. But Jason is  like most of the dads I know… He wants to spend some time with his kids, eat a nice meal, and spend some time with power tools. Mission accomplished.


I asked the girls tonight what they live about their daddy, and here are the answers:

Sugar: I like him because he’s funny and he’s nice. If we do something wrong that he will not get mad at us, but he doesn’t yell very loud.  Hes super funny and likes to play with us playmobile.   He’s a really good daddy and he loves us very much.

Spice:  I love my daddy because he appreciates what we do for him like this morning and I love him so much, no matter if he yells.  I like spending time with my daddy and I love working with my daddy picking fruit.

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