Two old fogies at Rock in Rio

Last weekend Jason and I escaped for a weekend away (no kids!) to Las Vegas. Our reason for visiting sin city was the biggest rock concert in world, Rock in Rio, and we had a blast!


This is an actual picture of the concert… For the headliner acts, we were in the brightly lit part left of the towers and the zip lines. Jason isn’t much of a concert goer, but he even describes it as amazing!

Days before the concert, we learned that Sam Smith has cancelled, due to some medical emergency. He’s Jason’s current favourite artist, so he was very disappointed, but the rest of the acts more than made up for him.


The headliner, Bruno Mars, was ever kind of amazing. It was exactly as I imagined it… A big flashy show, with lots of dancing, jokes, and upbeat music. His 1 1/2 hour set was definitely in my top five concerts of all time. Here’s the first 17 minutes of the concert…

Taylor Swift, the other headliner, was totally disappointing. Her performance as so practiced and artificial, we actually left half way through. Sorry, Taylor.

My second favourite artist was Jessie J! Wow, that woman can rock a stage. She was witty, engaging, and completely gave herself over the the performance. We were right in front, and it was the first time I saw Jason actually rock out to music. You couldn’t help but move!


Jason’s second favourite was Charlie Xcx. Ok, the old fart that I am, I knew some of her songs, but honestly didn’t know who she was before the concert. Well, that’s changed. Her performance was excellent. She was full, of energy, and her all girl band completely rocked the stage. If you ever have a chance to see her, do it…


Ed Sheeren, who I wThe biggest surprise for us was John Legend. He’s a bit of a crooner, right? So we thought he might be sleepy in concert. As contraire… He had a masterful command of the stage, and was incredibly pitch perfect the entire concert. Truly astounding! He made a fan of Jason in one hour, let me tell you. I would pay to see him again in a second.


For two nights, the concert ran for seven hours. My tired old knees couldn’t take standing the whole time, but luckily, the concert venue had astro turf all over. So whenever you wanted to, you could sit on the Grass, festival style, and relax. That was great. And despite my jokes about being an old fogie, the concert actually was a huge mix of ages and people. Leave the kids at home! But if you have a chance to go, do it! It was a completely fun, memorable experience.

2 thoughts on “Two old fogies at Rock in Rio

    • We thought we would be the only people there our age, but as it turns out, there was a wide demographic that showed up. Super relaxed and lots of fun!

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