Young, Gifted and Black: Drake

To celebrate Black History Month, I’m profiling some of Canada’s amazing contemporary musical heroes. Children and teens relate to music, and feel connected with singers. I hope knowing some of these talented stars will inspire your kids, as well as mine, to express themselves and walk with confidence. As my favourite singer Nina Simone exclaimed “Oh but my joy of today, is that we can all be proud to say… To be young, gifted and black, is where it’s at!”


Born in Toronto, Drake is a childhood actor (yeah Degrassi!) who grew up to greater things. His emotional, articulate rap music has shaken the often conflicting worlds of rap and hip hop. He’s won a Grammy, and critical acclaim from his peers. Debatably, he’s the most famous young Black Canadian in North America today.

Drake’s dad is African American from the US, and his mom is Jewish Canadian. It’s a pretty typical Canadian mosaic story, and I love that he shares his family’s multicultural background with the world. The quintessential SNL skit was such an awesome tribute. I bet his family was laughing as much as we were…

Now, rap is not my thing. But I appreciate the poetry of the genre, and can recognize talent, even it’s not something I enjoy listening too. My kids already like rap – the clean lyric songs they listen to on the radio, and with their dad. Rap is a cornerstone in North American Black culture, so we try to expose them to it, in an age appropriate way.

Frankly, it’s hard to find examples of Drake’s music that are appropriate for my family-friendly blog. Most of his work is very explicit… but that’s not to say it isn’t powerful, beautiful and tells intimate stories. This song with Rihanna is a non-rap example of his talent:

I wouldn’t be surprised if Drake got back to acting in the next few years… he’s one talented guy.

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