Valuable Friends and Life Skills in Brownies


This is the fourth year that Sugar and Spice have been in Girl Guides… Two years in Sparks, and now they are nearing the end of the second year of Brownies. They are super excited about going into Guides next year, too.

The girls love camping, and it’s great experience for them to be away from home, by themselves, for a clue of nights. They learn to pack and live with whatever they took with them, self-sooth and comfort others at night, make new friends, and keep track of their stuff. Never mind the making bedrolls and crafts… These are such good life skills for eight year olds!


Sometimes the girls aren’t fond of all the activities they do at meetings, but they still want to go every week. For the most part, they are engaged and feel very welcome. It’s also great that we have a nicely diverse Brownies group including a good handful of little brown-skinned girls. We are blessed with a great leader who knows what she is doing. So this year, the girls have put together backpacks for people experiencing homelessness, sung Christmas carols at retirement homes, shared food from their own cultures, brought their pets, and this week, had a Valentine’s princess party where they learned and practiced table manners.

If you are looking for a wonderful, non-religious, community serving organization for your daughter, I’d highly encourage you to check out Girl Guides or Girl Scouts in your own neighbourhood!


3 thoughts on “Valuable Friends and Life Skills in Brownies

  1. Hi Arnica, Our experience in Sparks was so horrible, years later I feel an ache in the pit of my stomach thinking about it. My daughter was bullied terribly by a particularly competitive group leader that we could no longer bear it and left. I’m sure there are amazingly kind and caring leaders out there. I love the concept of Girl Guides but in the wrong hands it can be a truly awful experience. Our memories of it still haunt me.

    • That’s horrible! I’m so sorry your daughter had that experience.
      I was in girl guides myself for many years, and had one or two not so great leaders. It absolutely makes all the difference in the world who is in charge of the group! I was lucky that my mom was my theater for a few years, and we did so much outdoors, it was really wonderful. That’s why I said that we are blessed with a great leader right now. Unfortunately, her daughter is moving to girl guides next year, so guess where my girls going? Right along. And wonderfully, their friends are coming along too.

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