Tomorrow I meet my puppy!

After a harrowing drive over the mountain passes (stopped three times for accidents and avalanche) I arrived this afternoon in Calgary. Tomorrow, my mom and auntie and I will drive up north of Edmonton to the breeder’s house, and pick out the new pup! Then back to Calgary, so my gramma, uncle and dad can see him. And then we’ll take two days to come home Monday and Tuesday, stopping at my sister’s on the way.

I’m super excited… I’ve been preparing a lot for the little guy! I’ve read a few new books, worked on Laughlin’s training so he doesn’t pass on bad habits, and even moved my office in the workshop so there will be more room for the dog in the kitchen.

Jason an I put together this little video early this week about our puppy preparations… I thought some of you might enjoy it!

One of the things we talk about in the video is picking out your puppy. Our breeder has already sent us pictures and descriptions of each of the pups…. We think we have a sense of which we will end up taking home, but we still need to see them in person. I want to test their personalities.

Our puppy should be super chill and laid back, but also confident. After all, his first social engagement will be the girls grade three classroom! I borrowed my aunt’s umbrella and I’ll do a few basic tests like calling the puppy, walking away, holding him up, letting him lick my face, throwing something to retrieve, making a loud noise, and opening the afore mentioned umbrella. Hopefully that will weed out any nervous or overconfident dogs.

To keep you in suspense… Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend! Which one will it be??





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