Which puppy will be my Tully?

I’m very excited! This Sunday, I get to pick out and pick up my new baby Irish Wolfhound puppy. I’ve decided to name him Tully, which means “gentle.”

Irish wolfhound puppies

He’ll only be ten weeks old, but you might be surprised how big he is. He’ll weigh about the same amount as Maggie! and will already be bigger than Laughlin.

I decided that I’m going to take Laughlin on the road trip to Alberta, just so he can get used to Tully on the road. It’s not going to be easy on him, and I figure it’ll be better to introduce them on neutral territory. My poor auntie… We will be staying at her house in Calgary the night we retrieve the pup. I’m sorry in advance for the crying! (That will be me, not sleeping, btw. Oh, and the pup will be crying too.)

As it turns out, I get to have my pick from the four boy pups. Taking advice from my friend Pam, I picked up a puppy book by the Monks of New Skete, and it has great tips on picking the pup.

For the record, I picked Maggie and Hamish, but Laughlin was Jason’s pick. For all of you that know Laughlin, you will know what I am saying between the lines.

Anyway, there is a neat personality tests in the Monks of New Skete book, and I’m hoping to give elements of the test to the pups.

I don’t want a shrinking violet, nor a bullish brute that will conflict with Laughlin and be hard to train. Somewhere in the middle will be the best… Hopefully opening an umbrella and clanging some pots will give me an indication of their fledging personalities.
Either that, or I will scare the bejeebers out of the poor things.

Ok, so votes in advance… Which pup will it be? Orange collar, red, blue or green? What do you think? Which will be my Tully?

That was them a few weeks ago, so of course, they are double the size now ๐Ÿ™‚

The breeder kindly posted some pictures of their last vet visit, on Thursday… You can see they are a lot bigger!

The green collared male pup… Such a snuggler. That is him on an adult man’s lap, so you get an idea of how big they are now…


The blue male pup… She calls him Buddha

After the vet visit, all tuckered out…


Just to whet your whistles, here is a little video about Irish Wolfhounds, so you can see what my baby will look like in a year… And why I think they are so awesome!

4 thoughts on “Which puppy will be my Tully?

  1. So a week has passed, don’t keep us in suspense any longer, which pup is it going to be? Winners and losers should receive free hair products!

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