Me, my two besties and Michael Franti

It’s been three weeks since I went to Vancouver for a girls weekend with my two best friends… But that shows you what kind of busy I’ve had since!


I really needed a getaway… With starting the clinic, I hadn’t had a day off in months. So I asked Von and T to go to Vancouver for the weekend. As it turned out, Von was going anyway for some doctor training (she’s an MD) so T and I invaded her hotel room at the Fairmont. Sweet.

Oddly enough, Von, my best friend (since grade 4/5) and my best buddy in Kelowna T, had never met. Sure, they’ve heard a lot about each other, but hadn’t ever had the pleasure. I knew that they would get along well, and sure enough, they found common ground in teasing me, Asian cuisine, and raunchy jokes. 🙂

We wandered about the city, eating at delicious restaurants. We all share a passion for food and eating, so we take the restaurant selection pretty seriously. We had Japanese tapas, hand pulled noodles, and French seafood. YUMMers…

T and I also caught the exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery about China’s emperors. I honestly don’t know that much about Chinese history, but I found it fascinating, and we both thought we learned a lot from the exhibit.









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