Baby pictures!

Here in the Rowan household the only hotter topic than the Elf on the Shelf is the imminent coming of our Irish Wolfhound puppy.

I mean, this is BIG NEWS people! Worthy of classroom show and tell, discussion with the cashier at the store, and constant surveillance for new pictures. Speaking of which… The pictures you all have been waiting for…


(Collective AWWWW….)

One of those little tikes is going to be our pup! There were four girls and ofour boys born in the litter to mom Glory and dad Torrin.


Right now, they are living in Northern Alberta, growing under the watchful eyes of their mom and the breeder. They are 4 1/2 weeks old! But will be ten weeks when we arrive to pick out our little guy at the end of January. There are two breeders ahead of us, so we will get the third pick of the four boys.

A few more pictures of the parents, so you can imagine what they may look like, grown… They are lovely, aren’t they?




My mom and I have a little road trip planned for that last week in January. We will zip over and spend a night in Calgary, go up to pick up the pup, spend another night in Calgary, and then come home. I think I’ll take Laughlin with us, to get him used to the puppy right away.

The pup will be bigger than Laughlin, though, even at that age. Likely he will be about 30 lbs (Laughlin is about 18lb.) so he’ll be slightly lighter than Maggie, but a tad taller.

Any, stay tuned for more pictures as they grow. Such cutesters!!

4 thoughts on “Baby pictures!

  1. OMG the pups are adorable. I am sure the girls are so excited to get a new member to your family. I look forward to seeing more pictures.

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