A new baby is coming the end of January!

We are adding to our family again…. Although not in the way you might think.

As our friends, family, and loyal readers know, we’ve been in the adoption process for four years now. Four years, four countries, a lot of emotional ups and downs, and still, no babies for me to snuggle. (I still snuggle the eight year olds, but they are far from babies now.)

I have a lot of love in my heart, and every couple of years, I have this overwhelming urge to have a new baby, of the human or non-human kind. My biological clock? Who knows… But every couple of years, it comes knocking.

My first baby was Hamish, who I will always cherish as my best friend and best dog ever. Really, Hamish was my first baby… He went everywhere with me, and my life centred around him. When he was two, I wanted a friend for him, and along came our cocker spaniel Maggie. Honestly, I would have had a human babe by then, but I was going through a mucky divorce, so that was out of the questions. A couple of years later came the cats, Vega and Haatim, in two batches, and then, after Hamish passed, our little cairn terrier Laughlin. I loved having puppies and kitties to snuggle, and to watch over. There is just this mothering instinct in me.

And then my human babies… Sugar and Spice. I love those little girls! My best babes of all, even if we got them when they were three. But now they are on the edge of puberty, and no longer toddlers-in-arms.

I need another baby, people. And this adoption thing is not panning out any time soon.

So, I am happy to announce, that I am getting a PUPPY!

And not just any puppy. Ever since I was in my early twenties, I’ve wanted an Irish Wolfhound.


If this breed isn’t ringing a bell for you, they are the tallest dog breed, and are shaped like an oversized, very scruffy greyhound.


Ok, so let’s answer some questions.
Yes, I know they are huge.


Yes, I know that they have a shorter lifespan than smaller breeds (average 8 years old.)

What you may not know is that they are called the “gentle giant” breed. I’ve always wanted an Irish Wolfhound,a new let me tell you why…


They are amazingly gentle and great with kids. They’re quiet, intelligent personalities are legendary. Even though they do need to roam about and have a good run, Irish Wolfhounds are actually are lower energy dogs, and love more lounging on their bed or by the hearth. They are easily trainable (not like my darling cairn terrier) and are rarely aggressive with other dogs. You rarely have to bathe them and a combing is all they need for grooming. And, they are huge, and scruffy, and have lovely beards. Every dog should have a beard, don’t you think? Laughlin has a beard, and Maggie does too, when she hasn’t been to the groomers lately… 🙂

I’ve sent a deposit into a breeder for a puppy in Alberta… The pups were born November 13th, and they are so so cute! Like oversized black and brindle hamsters, squawking and wrestling about. If she accepts my deposit and all goes well, I’ll go and pick the pup up at the end of January.

So excited!!

8 thoughts on “A new baby is coming the end of January!

  1. Can’t wait until you bring your new furry family member home! We are asserting first dib rights in petting and loving on him/her! Wait, are you getting a boy or girl? Any names picked out?

    • Yeah! It’s so fun!!

      It will be a boy…

      Here is my baby name list so far…


      I’m leaning towards Tully, Casey, Kieran or Casey, but I’ll wait to meet him to name him for sure 🙂

  2. Oh goodness… i was so excited when i saw your title! A puppy isn’t quite as exciting as what i was hoping to read, but i love my fur-babies too so i kind of know what you’re talking about… and maybe one day i will have my dream puppy too… a Havanese. 🙂

    • A Havanese… Cute!

      I know, such a catchy title. I thought I might fool a coupe of people. But it’s exciting, even if it isn’t a human baby! 🙂

  3. I vote for Kieran!

    Irish Wolfhounds are awesome dogs…great choice!

    I’m also on a wait list for a pup (though my kids don’t know it yet!), but we expect to have to wait until next May or June for our Havanese pup. I’ve had a part-Havanese before and absolutely loved him, so this time we’re going to go pure bred for the first time ever and bring home the pup we think will really suit our family at the moment.

    Anyway, congrats…fur babies are awesome!


    • Cool! I won’t tell your kids…

      Mine are obsessing about the new puppy. It may have even displaced christmas as the favourite topic of conversation.

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