Wine Wednesdays: Lusitano Estate Pinot Noir

It’s been so long since I’ve written a Wine Wednesday post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been drinking wine!


Tonight we were eating smoked pork hock cassoulet and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, perfect French paysan comfort food for the perfect Pinot Noir. I have now found a new favorite Pinot Noir from the Okanogan Valley… And surprise surprise, it comes from just across the street from my favourite, sorry, previous Okanagan favourite Pinot Noir! ( I still love you, Noble Ridge!)

Lusitano Estate Winery: I visited these folks in the fall, on one of my trips back from the USA. It was a spontaneous drop in. The sweet Portuguese lady, Fernanda, who poured for me owns the winery with her husband. They have been producing quality juice for other wineries for many many years, and only recently, they decided to open their own little estate winery. They are still selling the majority of their grapes to others, she told me… I wonder who is buying it?


On the nose, his beautiful Pinot Noir smells like a robust dessert. With chocolate, sultana raisins, ripe raspberries, baking spices, good undertones of vanilla, and hints of herbs and that essential element of cedar, it’s feast for the nostrils. The wine in the glass is a slightly browned ruby, even though it is only a 2013. Did this wind sneak into exposure somehow?

On the tongue, it was incredibly smooth tannins. I mean, incredibly. They are there and support the structure of the wine, but they are as soft as suede. Jason thinks it lacks acidity, but it’s simply so well integrated but you don’t notice it. I would say, medium plus acid. If I was to choose a style, I would suggest this is more of a Burgundian style, but it also has a lot of berry in the nose. On the palette, you get more of that chocolate, as well as bing cherries and that toasted vanilla from oak.


Ok… So here’s the kicker. This gorgeous Pinot Noir is only $19. I kid you not. When I told Jason this, the miser exclaimed, “buy a case!” Well, we might have to stock up, before all the rest of you get there.


Thanks for a lovely visit, Fernanda…. I wish you and your husband all the best. And I will be visiting you annually for years to come!

PS: the rosé was also delicious. Hello… Same grapes, lighter pressing. A gorgeous off dry French rosé style.

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