Sugar and Spice’s Playlist

Wonder what’s hot on my eight year old’s hitlist?

Every night after dinner, the girls have a little dance party, to burn off the surge of energy they get form eating supper. (I’m serious. I don’t think they would get to bed without it.)

Tonight they got to request their top three favourite radio hits, and here’s what they chose to dance to:

I have to say that Taylor Swift’s new song is SUPER catchy, and the video is 97% kid friendly.

OK, so there is some jiggling in this one, but the message of loving your body no matter what jiggles is a great message for my growing girls. (I ignore the bits about what boys like and emphasize the “every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!”)

Our favourite to dance to, for sure, is this. Jason and I kill ourselves laughing as the girls attempt the Roger Rabbit we were around for the original 80s.

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