Tango partner: Better with you

Tonight, Jason and I left in a furor to Tango lessons. We were in a rush to get out the door – he had a dog come in at the end of the day at the clinic, and I was trying to make dent in the chaos that was our house. So the suppertime was late, neither of us was out of our uniform, and we spent the first half hour of babysitter time eating with the kids (and the babysitter.) When we finally got out the door, I was feeling very grateful that we still managed to pull off date night at all.

First, we went shopping for fall coats for the girls, and then spent a fun hour laughing at ourselves dancing at tango.

Another video of us dancing for you – you can see we have improved. (Start at 2:25)

When we got home, Jason snuck upstairs and started watching football at an obnoxious volume. He retreated into his “nothing box” and left me to clean up dishes and air conditioners and the like. Grrr… I was pretty annoyed. It was a long day for all of us, and I just wanted some peace in the house to sleep with.

But an hour later, I’ve focussed back on the positive. I’ve decided to give his late night lackadaisical behavior a hall pass.

You know, they say that grounds for marital strife are one partner teaching another to drive, and dancing lessons. The people who make these sayings should have included higher stressors, like starting a business together! But here we are, working together almost every day, and for the most part, loving it. We are so complementary, and have been able to do something together neither of us would have alone. We are taking great care of our kids, and reasonable care of each other. And we are getting to dancing lessons, one day a week, where we step on each other’s toes and laugh at our mutual awesomeness. We’ve got it pretty good.

Feeling grateful for my partner in life, business and dancing…

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