Tango Lessons

Tonight Jason and I started tango lessons!

tangoI was very excited… Jason was very trepidatious. It’s been literally a decade since we’ve taken dance lessons together. Back then, we did a lot of fighting over leading (I know, I know,) and although we enjoyed the results at all the weddings we went to, it wasn’t that super enjoyable at the time.

Latin dances also scare the bananas out of him. My husband doesn’t have hips, let’s just put it that way.

For me, I’ve danced less and less over the years, because my knees couldn’t take it. Especially dances with high impact and going backwards all the time (like the two step) were downright painful for me. But I love latin dances – little known fact: I actually danced Flamenco for two years in university. I loved it because you need to be as strong as you are sensual and graceful.

Tango is our perfect answer – it’s slow, gliding with low impact, very little hips, and all about the attitude.

We loved our first lesson. And we did really well… look, they taped us at the end of 55 minutes:

I have a feeling after 6 lessons, we will be even better.

In the meanwhile, we will enjoy our weekly date night – and since we are not allowed to talk while dancing, one whole hour not talking about the kids or the business!

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