Girls on the Road: Adventures with Gramma and Grandpa

This week was the girls’ road trip to visit with Gramma and Grandpa in Creston, coincidently coincided with our moving into the clinic!


They love spending time with their grandparents. It isn’t just the daily amounts of icecream, although that does help. We just let them the girls… Whatever. If they are taking care of our kids and loving them up for free, grandparents deserve the pleasure of spoiling them.

Sugar was building a chicken coop with Grandpa, and Spice was canning cherries with Gramma. They run and roam free on their acreage.

This weekend they also took at little fieldtrip to Invermere. My sister, accomplished face painter, art teacher, visual and graphic artist, is now apprenticing as a tattoo artist. The girls must have been delighted with her body art that she painted all over them… Looks like Gramma was pretty excited too. We have some cat toys made by the Snow Leopard Trust at the clinic, and after they arrived, Sugar got all snow leopard-crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚






I’m sure I’ll have even more pictures and stories to share later this week…. In the meanwhile, back to a long day of work!

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