We support BC Teachers

It’s been years of cutbacks, no limits on class sizes, and declining supports for kids in the classroom.

Yesterday, the girls and I decided to stand with our local teachers and make our voices heard.


The girls are well aware that we have a right, privilege and duty to be active citizens in Canada. They know about some other places in the world where people, especially girls, are not allowed to have a public opinion. So I encourage them by sharing current affairs, examining even complicated issues in a way they can understand, and letting them form their own (although, of course guided!) opinions. Let me tell you (and ask their daddy!) they get pretty strong opinions on politics, the environment, culture, etc.

After deciding that they wanted to support the BCTF (try explaining unions to a 7 year old. That was tough!) the girls made up their own posters, and we stood on the bridge with 300 other supporters in Kelowna. Little did we know that we would be on the national news…


… and that Spice would grace the BCTF newsletter. And yes, she is completely that witty.


Way to go, little girls! And way to go teachers- for standing up, and not taking the bullying anymore. We stand with you, 100%!


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