Mother Earth News Fair… Here we come!

Next weekend, we are so excited to be going to the Mother Earth News Fair in Washington. It was a crazy idea that my husband went along with…


First, we will be spending three days in Vancouver. We are researching herbal dispensaries, for our new integrative veterinary hospital. We are also going to visit some suppliers, including a little factory that makes the first ever whole foods veterinary prescription diet. Then after three days, we are heading down for the weekend south of Tacoma to the Mother Earth News fair.


For $20, you get in for three days. What a deal! We are going to countless workshops on homesteading, herbal medicine, organic gardening, and general self-sufficiency. It’s a granola crunching paradise!

And for those of you that are surprised that Jason even agreed to going, remember that there are just as many farming exhibits as their are canine sessions. It’s not so very far from the fairs he grew up going to… Just with a smaller scale, organic focus.

The girls are super stoked about their kid sessions. Sugar wants to go to beekeeping, and Spice wants to learn to milk a goat. I know after the fair, we will have to tell her countless times how the neighbours may put up with backyard cluckers, but they sure as heck would draw the line at a goat. The bees, on the other hand, Jason already had a plan to start next spring, so Sugar won’t be as disappointed.

And as for yours truly, I’m happy to be floating around from canning and cooking sessions to meeting some amazing entrepreneurs. When the first issue of our Mother Earth News magazine arrived, I remembered Jason seeing an add for Bob’s Red Mill and exclaiming, “look! He’s a real person!”

Well, Bob will be there, so I’m determined to meet him. There are also lots of other socially driven business people I can’t wait to share ideas with.

Next week – blog posts from Vancouver and Washington!

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