May 10: Nationwide Defend our Climate Rallies!

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In just a few weeks, the Canadian government, could give Enbridge’s risky pipeline and tanker project a final stamp of approval, despite powerful opposition across BC. An unbroken wall of First Nations have vowed to block the project, and tens of thousands of British Columbians, including us, have taken action against pipelines and tankers. But Enbridge is spending millions on misleading ads, and we know that Harper will do almost anything to get this pipeline built.

Meanwhile in Northern BC, class A farmlands and important ecosystems are at risk from the proposed Site C dam. The unneeded hydroelectric dam will destroy 114km of pristine river valley… all to feed the oil sands with energy.

Both these projects have horrendous climate implications, and negatively affect the health of our plant.

Scientist and author Bill McKibben wrote Rolling Stone Magazine’s most shared story ever about 3 very important numbers:

  • 2 degrees C: the global average temperature rise, above which all countries (including Canada) agree will cause catastrophic climate change
  • 565 gigatonnes: How much we have left in our “carbon budget” that we can burn while staying below that level
  • 2795 gigatonnes: How much carbon is currently on the balance sheets of global fossil fuel companies and governments

Estimates from show Canada’s tar sands contain nearly one sixth of the planet’s entire carbon budget. This is why the whole world is watching what Canada does next.

defend our climate

Saturday, May 10th, thousands of people are coming together across the country to Defend our Climate and Communities from pipelines, tankers and extreme energy projects. If we can work together to get thousands of people in the streets across the province, we can show the Harper government and the BC Liberal government that approving these projects could cost them the next election.

Join us at the Kelowna rally, or join in a rally in your own community!

2 thoughts on “May 10: Nationwide Defend our Climate Rallies!

  1. strange to say that you’re ” a globe trotting mom” and care about climate change – How can anyone who really cares about lowering carbon in the atmosphere to say nothing of pollution, not have stopped traveling for pleasure a long long time ago?

    • You are right on that one! With all the small changes we make at home, like dropping a car and eating from the garden, still, by far, my biggest climate impact is flight.

      BUT, I run a charity on the other side of the world, and part of that gig is traveling to Ethiopia once a year. It’s essential to running a responsible, registered charity.

      One of my most recent trips was to Morocco, and I was working on advancing sustainability in the curriculum of higher education. Try that irony on for size!

      We avoid quite a bit of domestic flights, but those overseas ones… Well, they just are a reality of some of the causes we have chosen to be involved in.

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