Spring is in the air!


In the Okanagan Valley, we have five seasons: a long glorious summer, an extended pretty fall, a short cheery winter, two horrid months of overcast gloom, and a brief rainy spring.


I remember the chief meteorologist for Canada saying a few years ago that there is no normal weather anymore. This years anomalies so far include a prolonged gloomy season (three months instead of two) and an exceptionally brief spring.

But despite the prolonged lack of sunshine, the plants are growing and the trees are in bloom. We had blissful 25Ā° weather this week, and I am remembering why we live in the Okanagan.


Enjoy the pictures from our backyard homestead, in the last week of April.










2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. I miss the weather!

    But the dogs are getting old haha! Maggie looks much happier now than last time I saw her šŸ™‚

    • Yes, she’s doing pretty well, that old dog. šŸ™‚ but she really has slowed down, too. We try to keep her off the stairs now, but she doesn’t listen… šŸ™‚

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