Spring Festivities


The last week has been full of festivities around our house, celebrating the coming of spring, and a visit from my wandering husband. (He’s been loccuming in Saskatchewan for five weeks, so it was a lovely four day visit home.)

First, we had a wonderful backyard potluck, with many of our local friends. One of my friends from the college suggested I celebrate quitting my job with a party, and I reminded her that I was now officially broke and unemployed. She laughed, and said “then host a potluck!” Which was the perfect idea.

We caught a lucky break in the rainy weekend weather, and the kids ran around outside, decorating eggs (pre Easter,) skateboarding on the street, and blowing bubbles. The adult’s typical sitting and chatting activity was priced up by a wonderful folk artist, who joined us for an hour in the evening. Much to everyone’s delight, a couple of our guests jumped in, and we had a great music session on the back porch.









It was great to host a party… I love hosting and socializing, and somehow, that’s fallen off the radar in the last year or so. I also love bringing people together. We invited our adoption and Ethiopian peeps, but also a good handful of fellow neighbourhood granola crunchers. It’s so neat to hear people who haven’t met before find commonalities and strike up interesting conversations. And one of the funniest things is when people run into others that they already know at your house. One of our guests remarked with a laugh, at a chance meeting: “well, there are only so many cool in our community, so it’s not a shock when we run into each other!”

Ok, so I just have to add in a little picture of my munchkins and their chocolate puppies. The Easter bunny, in a moment of weakness, forgot about buying fairtrade chocolate and went for the shaped waxy stuff instead. They are so cute! But they didn’t finish the whole thing, since they like the richer stuff…


The next day after the potluck, we went out for an Easter egg hunt in the park beside a friend’s house. There were twenty some odd kids there, and their respective adults, standing around and eating fruit. Good times!






Our family time was spent relaxing, and enjoying the sunshine. Jason has been in the still snowy wilds of Saskatchewan, so he was pretty stoked to enjoy little bits of spring. We went for icecream, mini golfed, went on walks, and even went out to the Woodfire bakery for some carnivorous deliciousness. For the record, Spice did not actually eat all that. It was leftovers for days! Lol






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