Sacrificial Goat

20130704-113945Just talking to my dear friend Menbi in Ethiopia right now… you’d recognize her as one of neighbors and one of my closest friends.

I lent her my Ethio cell phone so she and Haile could stay in touch, and communicate more easily with their family while traveling around for two months.

I reached her, with only a few tries, in the middle of a party with her family.

We were catching up, and it seems like her son (Canadian born) has had much the same experience as my girls did : not understanding everything, but happy and feeling at home. They are doing well! for any of their fiends reading, and their health is doing really well too.

Anyway, we were just saying goodbyes, when Haile jumped on the phone: “Arnica! They are killing a goat for us! (Lots of background excitement) … I’m getting a video!” HE jumped back off the phone.

Menbi came back on the phone: “Ahh!! They just slit its throat!

I can’t believe it!

This is just not right! …. I like getting my meat at Superstore instead!”

Too hilarious. Having a goat butchered in my honor was one of the things I thought might happen with our Ethiopian family, but blessedly, never did. Listen to me as I howl with laughter all the way across the phone line to Ethiopia!

And apparently, I have a video to watch when Haile gets home!

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