Thumbs up! Spice is recovering


Several hours after my last post…

Spice was giggling and making funny faces with the drug they gave her. She didn’t exactly go under… Just completely spaced out. The little operation was conducted right there in emergency, and was a first for the doctor. He said he had never before done a procedure with another person in the bed. Because you see, Sugar kept her arm around her and watched a movie while Spice had her thumb put back together. The nail was taped on until it falls off, and her thumb was set, as he suspected there was a little break.

Bless the doctor for letting me stay there with her… I felt much better being involved and sitting by her side.

As we left just after midnight, I had one child draped over my shoulder with her thumb hanging out, and another drearily plodding along beside me. Sugar, by the way, had been an angel all evening.

The doctor called out to us: “sure have a nice family there. It was lovely to meet you.”

It was lovely to meet him as well, but I’m hoping that I will not see him again anytime soon.

My babies are such troopers! I can’t believe there hasn’t been one off behavior or whining with all this medical stuff in the last couple days. Truly, they are tough little birds.

3 thoughts on “Thumbs up! Spice is recovering

  1. Oh my gosh!! What brave little girls you have! Happy to hear Spice is in recovery and was taken care of. Reading about it had my eyes rolling back just trying to imagine what happened. Really glad the worst is over. Hope you are doing ok after all that too! : )

    • And EVERYTHING happens to her! Lyme disease, seizure, Bell’s palsy, hives, broken collarbone, another squished finger… Honestly! The poor kid!

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