Gratefully, gainfully unemployed

Today celebrates one week of being unemployed! as of a week ago, I’m no longer “Professor Arnica.” Last Friday, I quit my job teaching at the Okanagan College.

I’ll be forever grateful for the many opportunities to teach and do research that I had there, and cherish the work with the many fantastic employees and students. But it was time to move on, and close that chapter.

I may indeed go back to teaching one day… But likely back to Masters degree students, as I did for Antioch University. For sure, I’ll continue to do research… Remember when I contemplated my ten year goals that ended in March, I hadn’t yet completed my doctorate? Well, that doctoral goal still is in the future, somewhere. When I wrote that post, little did I know that three weeks after my ten year goal deadline, I would be truly working for myself. 36 year old goal, complete!

It feels good! I have no regrets- like I said, I take many positive away. My most dominant emotion is relief. I’ve never quit anything before in my life… Not even my first marriage, which ended in a prolonged series of disasters, as I refused to give up. I don’t let go of things easily: this is one of my best traits, as well as my worse. Should I have quit a year ago? Probably… My health and sanity would have been in better shape. But I was clinging to what I liked about teaching, and clinging to the stability of a salary.

So now I’m unemployed.

What will I do with all my time, you may ask?

Well, that’s easy to answer. I’m building a veterinary hospital and pet store (soon to open in two months!) running my online hair and bodycare shop Africa Sleeps, parenting kids, running a household, etc….. no shortage of work!

Money will be really tight. That’s an understatement. Jason is loccuming now, but as soon as the clinic starts, the only income we will have is Africa Sleeps. A bit scary.

Besides being a little scared and a lot relieved, though, I’m feeling extremely grateful.

When I called my husband in tears, at the end of my rope, he had nothing but support for me. He threw financial worries to the wind, and told me to quit. There are few times I have loved him more. I felt unconditionally loved and supported.

And when I was still agonizing over the decision, my dear friend told me “don’t worry about losing your house… Your friends and family will take care of you. That’s what we are here for.”

And she is right. I felt so grateful in the moment… For her, and for my other wonderful family and friends. I felt blessed, and powerful enough to make a really hard decision.

With the support of my husband propping me up and the warmth of my friends and family around me, I’ve taken the leap. Now I’m gainfully, and gratefully, unemployed.

3 thoughts on “Gratefully, gainfully unemployed

    • Merci beaucoup! C’est difficile pour moi à trouver mes limites, sans les dépassées. Je me sent bien avec cette décision. …

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