Swapping Seeds for Spring Planting


It’s that time again… Time to set up a cold frame, break out the cloche, or make a tiny green house in the window. Spring is here! And it is time to plant seeds.

Last year my goal was to grow tomatoes from scratch, and I was surprised at how easy it was. I have been saving seeds for two years, and sharing them back and forth with my best friend up north. Because she has a greenhouse, she actually plants earlier than I do, so I received this lovely package of seeds in the mail. All sorts of heritage varieties for me to try out! I also have some of my own tomato seeds sitting above the fridge from last year. Together, it should be a lot of beautiful things to grow.

I love it that she only sent me a few seeds of each… Because that’s all you need! Three cucumber seeds, two pepper seeds… I’ve never had much luck with peppers, so I think she is hedging her bets.

But the point is, you need so few seeds to grow so much food. Isn’t sharing the way to go?

If anyone has any heritage variety beans, peas, or spinach, or yellow zucchini that they want to send me… Please leave a comment below. And I will send you some tomato seeds back. (Yes, those ones that were sitting on my fridge all winter!)

Happy planting!


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