Rats, cats, and three wheat-free chocolate cakes


Last weekend ended up as a five day driving marathon. The goal? A weekend away for mommy with her mommy friends. But to accomplish this, I had to arrange for babysitters. The closest candidates, since many of my friends were staying with me, and Gramma and Grandpa are in South America, were my sister and her hubbie over in Invermere!


So our journey started on Wednesday, my birthday, with a surprise visit to my husband, who was working in Creston. He had repurchased a chocolate mousse cake for me, but honestly, it didn’t last past Monday. So we enjoyed my birthday, cake free, after scaring the bananas out of Jason. He didn’t know we were coming, and we coasted the car up to my parents’ house, where he was stating, out in the countryside. So when we banged on the door, he had a small heart attack. After he recovered from the shock of seeing us 500km from where we were supposed to be, we stayed up late playing battleship!


The next day we were off to Invermere, but not without a stop in Cranbrook first. The girls’ oldest friends, also Ethiopian twins, live there. So we moms and kids had lovely visit in the kids’ school gymnasium.


We arrived in Invermere, and the girls got busy right away making plans with their Uncle M. My considered sister, Ena, make me another chocolate wheat free cake… Yum!

After I left in the morning, I heard that they ate sushi, went to the lake, swam in the hot springs, played with their rats, played with their cats, made cupcakes, danced in the living room, played on the playground, coloured printouts of Ena’s new tatoo, ordered pizza, had a sleepover, etc…








In the meanwhile, I drove to Silver Star, up by Vernon, for a weekend with my friends. We ate and walked and drank and talked… The usually mom stuff! And my buddy T, that you will recognize from our Ethiopian travels, made me the tastiest chocolate wheat free cake of all… I must get the recipe. I was feeling very loved!



It was very relaxing… I was supposed to go to a baby shower on the Saturday, but my car actually got snowed in. So Sunday, we dug it out, and I skied down the hill and back to Revelstoke to pick up the girls. Auntie Ena and Uncle M obviously had a great time… But they also looked tired! He he

The things you do for a couple of days off… And totally worth it! The girls thought so too! Thanks Ena and M, for the fabulous babysitting… And thank you to Jason, Ena and T for the cakes!!

5 thoughts on “Rats, cats, and three wheat-free chocolate cakes

    • I agree!!

      I found out I was allergic to what a couple of weeks ago, but I’ll admit this is the only time I’ve been ok with it, lol!

      • haha! right?? It is so hard to find stuff you can eat that tastes good. I have found when I make my own stuff it turns out great but forget trying to grab something while out… esp dessert! I am sick of restaurants offering me sorbe for dessert… that is so not dessert to me! haha. I need some rich moist chocolate cake and vanilla bean coconut ice cream 😉

      • I love going to restaurants that take desserts seriously…
        shout out to Waterfront Wines and Raudz in Kelowna.. both have made amazing desserts up for me that meet my dietary needs!

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