Devour: A gluttonous, gastronomic night out with my husband

Last night I had a lovely time with my husband….


Wait, that’s not my husband! That’s Rob Feenie!

I was mistaken.

Here is my husband:


Jason and I had a lovely night out last night… One of those adult nights, where you do something that has nothing to do with kids or work, and simple enjoy yourself. How rare these nights are!


As birthday presents to each other, we bought tickets to Devour, this amazing food and bevie festival. The purpose of the night was to raise money for the chefs association, and our tickets bought an endless amount of gourmet food, wine, and cocktails from some of the best chefs and mixologists in the Okanagan.

We got these lovely wood trays to eat off of, and moved from booth to booth, sampling and savouring. We actually couldn’t visit every booth..we were too full!


Some of my favourites for the night, were on the sweet side. Sandrine, our local French chocolaterie, made these amazing chocolate mousse….


But some of the other savoury dishes were just as good. This hotdog with octopus from Raudz was amazing….


The most intellectually interesting dish of the night was made by Evelyn’s team at micro. (Total name dropping, but Evelyn and I took our last wine course together!) Her veal tartar with tuna aioli sold out, though, so I didn’t manage to take a picture.


The best savoury dish of the night, by far, was Feenie’s ravioli. It was this braised and braised oxtail, mixed with duck liver… I can’t tell you how intensely beastly it was. SO GOOD.


The best drink of the night was from Papadom’s, our local gourmet Indian restaurant. I don’t even like whiskey, but their whiskey sour was AWESOME… Also on the plate was this amazing little cracker pretzel thing from Okanagan Grocery. I don’t know if they deep fried it in butter, but wow. Amazing.


The prize for best dish of all, though, was back to the sweets. This chocolate truffle from Quails Gate was wrapped in a pine marshmallow… Devine. So delightful. And when they paired it with a fortified Foch, similar to a port… Well, I died and went to heaven.


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