On the Road between Nakemte and Addis Ababa

In February 2014, we took our daughters back to Ethiopia for the first time, since their adoption in 2009. This is one of many blog posts we have written about our family’s homeland trip. I also go to Ethiopia every year with our charity, Vulnerable Children Society, so there are additional blogposts from my trips to Ethiopia to enjoy!


After a couple of eventful, but emotionally exhausting days in Nakemt’, our crew was ready to head back to Addis. Nakemt’ isn’t really a destination for anyone… Its sole attraction is our extended family. It’s a big dusty, pretty small town, and the best hotel is quite underwhelming. The one attraction, the cultural museum, didn’t fit into our schedule. In other words… I don’t really recommend going to Nakemt’, unless you have a good reason for doing so.

All that said, Sugar told us that she liked Nakemt a lot better then Addis. The reasons? Less people, less busy, and they use animals for many things, so there are more horses and donkeys. Spice, the urbanite, was happy to leave and get back to the big city.





We took our time coming back to Addis, and saw many things that I haven’t seen before. There were a couple of funerals, for instance, including one that blocked the entire highway. Men on decorated horses road in flocks to town, while many mourners on foot swarmed the roads towards the churches. With people holding pictures of the one who had passed, and our van crawling along at the pace of the mourners, I felt like, somehow, we were part of the procession. I just wished I had known something about the man who had passed. We were told he must have been very important, or very rich, to have attracted such a crowd.






We stopped at some of the usual haunts on the road, but through kids’ eyes, we saw the same places differently. For example, one restaurant I’ve been to a handle full of times… I had no idea the garden was full of tame rabbits.

Also along the way, we saw the largest group of baboon that I’ve encountered, with thirty plus members. It was neat to see them interact in a big field… The alpha male was huge, and you could hear his screams from almost a kilometre away, clear as a bell.




We were accompanied on this trip by our driver, Nahom, and our translator, Solomon. So if you see some Ethiopian men in the pictures, that’s who they are…








5 thoughts on “On the Road between Nakemte and Addis Ababa

    • He’s fine! He’s finishing his business degree, and translating and guiding as he has the last few years 🙂

      Our girls have known him since the Kidslink days, and it was great that they still get along so well!

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos Arnica. This is a trip I am planning in my head….my son is from Asasa, 500 kms from Addis Abeba….only he’s not ready to go back yet and neither is my DH (after all these years, my husband is still carrying all those street children in Addis in his heart)….so I am slowly working on this trip. I hope when my son decides he is ready to find his Ethiopian Mom and family, I will have all the information necessary to undertake a trip to Ethiopia.

    • You are very welcome! When you are all ready, you’ll have a wonderful time.
      A note to your husband… Addis has changed a ton in the last few years, and there isn’t the same begging and pressure there once once. He might find it easier, now…

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