Morning greetings in the Ethiopian Outback

In February 2014, we took our daughters back to Ethiopia for the first time, since their adoption in 2009. This is one of many blog posts we have written about our family’s homeland trip. I also go to Ethiopia every year with our charity, Vulnerable Children Society, so there are additional blogposts from my trips to Ethiopia to enjoy!


Not thirty seconds after Jason and Sugar left for an early morning walk, I saw a shape at the door. I thought it was Sugar, but it was shorter, wider, and harrier. “Get out!” I hissed! With a smile on my face. I was being woken up by an invading baboon.

Today is our second day at Lake Langano, one of the Rift Valley lakes, south of Addis Ababa. We returned yesterday, after a five year hiatus, to Bishangari Lodge, a lovely off-the-grid ecolodge in one of Ethiopia’s few forest reserves.

We had such a wonderful time here with the girls, when they were two years old, that we had to return. We have all sorts of memories of this place… Especially how the girls were petrified of the bush pigs (and anything else that moved quickly!) The girls tried swimming for the first time, and have been swimming ever since. The peacefulness, the quiet.

One thing we have learned about our family, is that our favourite vacations are away from everything. We have our best times in a cabin in the woods, or jungle, or mountains. Being three days in the Ethiopian forest, with nothing to do, is our version of paradise…

Yesterday the girls swan in the milky-tea lake, while we watched birds, looked them up in the guide, and read.

Many, many, pictures to follow!



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