Ethiopia Day in Grade 2


Yesterday was Ethiopia day in grade 2!

Each year, we have made a habit of celebrating some Ethiopian holiday in the classroom. (2013 pics) This year, we missed new year, and Ethiopian Christmas. So we decided to have a random Ethiopia day instead.


I was woefully underprepared this time… In previous years we have sung songs, done Ethiopian dancing, ready to open stories, and eaten Ethiopian food. This year, with the upcoming trip and thousand other obligations, we had to plan on the fly. My dear friend M made injera for the girls. And then I whipped up some Yemesir Wat and Yekik Way (lentils and chick peas, respectively,) the night before.


We all dressed in our Ethiopian clothes and took the counting book with us. The kids got to count loudly in English, Amharic, and Oromiffa. The book is called Counting Addis Ababa, and it’s available in my store, with all the proceeds going to Vulnerable Children Society. [Get your copy of Counting Addis Ababa here.]


The girls also did their own show and tell. It was kind of neat what they chose from home… Musical instruments, a doll, and their wushas, little Ethiopian dog stuffies.


I think it’s so important that we come to class every year. Our girls get to be proud of what we bring to class. They love being the experts! (It’s a family trait, from my side…) and sharing about Ethiopian culture. The other kids get a chance to learn a little bit about Ethiopia. Since some of the kids were in grade 1 and kindergarten with them as well, they consider themselves well versed. Several of the kids proudly took the lead eating the food, showing Ethiopia on the map, and shouting Oromiffa at the top of their lungs.nof course, there are always a couple of “it’s yucky!” comments, but the majority of the kid chomped the injera and wats down. Many of them came for seconds and thirds.


Apparently, the extension of this Ethiopia day is to happen after our trip. I’ve been informed that the girls will be showing animal pictures and telling about their adventures in the Ethiopian forest late February. Sounds good to me! Should be fun!

I would love to hear what you do to celebrate your kids’ culture in school.

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