Our Jukebox Today

Today, Spice has been singing and singing this song. One of her names comes from the civil rights activist, and my favourite singer ever, Nina Simone. She heard that her auntie was showing a bunch of Nina Simone’s music to Gramma, and has been squawking out “To be YOUNG, gifted and BLACK!!” ever since…

Spice’s other favourite song this morning… “I love this song. It’s so sweet.”
BTW – did you know Elton and his partner have a house in Kelwona? That’s why we get him to perform here so often. Awesome.

Sugar’s gaga over Bruno Mars… I mean, who isn’t? This is her favourite song. She says “he’s nice looking, even though he smokes.”

4 thoughts on “Our Jukebox Today

  1. I’ve never seen that clip of Nina Simone singing Young, Gifted, and Black- holy smokes, I got shivers, especially when you could see her emotion come through! Nice way to start the day!

    • Glad you liked it!

      My daughter has Nina Simone’s passion for standing up against injustice… But she doesn’t have her voice. Lol. This version is much better than her squawking!

  2. i say…awesome taste in music…my son who is 11 yrs old is a BIG Bruno Mars fans,,,,he plays one song over and over and over and over and over again…forever and ever and ever…I’m starting to loathe that song and it’s a lovely song…

    • I have a theory that the repetition is some kind of language development thing! But if I ever have to listen to Teagan and Sara again….

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