One month countdown to Ethiopia


Only one month to go in till we leave as a family for our first “homecoming” trip to Ethiopia. Who is on board? Me and daddy Jason, Sugar and Spice as well as Grandma and Grandpa. The six of us will be spending 10 days in early February back in our girls home country.

When we started planning our trip back in December, we asked the girls what their top priorities were for the trip. It will be their first time back to Ethiopia since they came to Canada in 2009. With out any hesitation, the girls agreed that their top three priorities were

  • seeing bush pigs, monkeys and other wildlife
  • going to the spa in Addis, and
  • visiting with their family in Ethiopia.
  • We only have 10 days to spend, so we, with grandma and grandpa’s blessing, planned the trip around what the girls want. First, we are taking a short trip out to Nakemt’ to see the girls family. Then, after a day in Addis and a chance to check on our Vulnerable Children Society projects, we will be heading down to Lake Langano. When we picked the girls up five years ago, we spent a delightful week in the bush at Lake Langano, and are looking forward to spending for relaxing days there again. The girls were scared of the bush pigs and monkeys then, but they are a lot more used to animals now! Lol


    It seems ridiculous to spend all that money to go for 10 days, and I wish we could have stayed longer. I only got that much time off, though, and in 10 days, we should get done what the girls want to do.

    Oh, of course, the spa (Boston Day Spa) is the last day!

    So I have booked hotels, arrange for a driver, arranged for translator who speaks Oromiffa, and am in the process of organizing our Vulnerable Children Society trips. A lot of planning goes into 10 days! But let’s hope it will be relatively seamless.

    On the list for this week as well, are the vaccine visits to the doctor. Gramma and I are up-to-date, but Jason, Grandpa and the girls might need a booster or two. Plus, there is always the requisite order of prescriptions for ciprofloxacin… LOL

    I’m not sure who is more excited… The girls, or me.


    9 thoughts on “One month countdown to Ethiopia

    1. Perfect!

      Hi Arnica, I’ve left comments for you before over the years, and now I have a happy comment – but would you mind emailing me?

      Thanks! Jillian

    2. cool, hope that you have a wonderful trip, Langano will be great. If you get another day out, Menegasha Forest near to Addis (southwest on Jimma road about 20km,m then a few km on dirt roads up the hillside) is also very enjoyable

    3. Hi Arnica! I love that you embrace life to the fullest! Hope you can take us with you to Ethiopia (via blog). Happy travels !!

    4. Have a wonderful trip back with your family! Been following your blog since the beginnings! We are hoping to head back with the whole family in a few years! Until then I am picking up lots of tips from others! Hope you make more fabulous memories with your adorable family!

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