Natural Christmas Decorations

Other families may be taking their Christmas decorations down, but I’m just starting to enjoy ours! We started decorating two week a later than usual this year, so that means I get to keep my decorations up for an extra two weeks, right?


Most years I just haul out the same boxes of decorations, and out them up in the same places. But some of those decorations are 15 years old! So by his year, I decided to start from scratch, with the exception of the tree. And I really like the more natural look.

The girls and I went out scrounging for branches in hydro right-of-ways, and filled up the window boxes with boughs, and tied some branches together for a clutch on the door. The girls collected pine ones from a big Ponderosa pine tree, as well, and we filled a big jar in the kitchen.

We cut down the Russian sage in the front garden, and made a sort of wreath in the dining room. And the extra Christmas tree branches, we tied into a clutch in the hall.

The Russian sage and the tree boughs have an added benefit of making everything smell fresher in this old house. And it just feels lighter and greener than usual. I think we’ll decorate the same spontaneous way next year!










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