Christmas 2013: the big day

Everybody has holiday traditions, and we are no exception. For Christmas, there are a few certain ingredients that must be included:
On Christmas eve, we lay out carrots for the reindeer and cookies for Santa. There is also the requisite soy milk. This was cow milk when I was a kid, but now Santa drinks soy.


The kids trundle off to bed early, and then restlessly toss around until they are cajoled by the bah humbug parents.

Meanwhile downstairs, there are games being played and festive drinks being drunk. Did I say that right?

Somewhere in the evening, my mother goes off to mass. Sometimes one of us goes with her… But this year we were all busy crafting.

In Jason’s family, kids always got to open one gift on Christmas eve. So the girls did this year. The girls got their spa kits from mommy. Superhit! Especially for $1.25.


The morning of Christmas, the children are allowed to get up open their Santa gifts and their stockings, before the others are up. Of course, the adults always seem to be there with the camera. This year, the girls got mermaid tails from Santa Claus! How fabulous!


Then after a light breakfast, (of cinnamon buns and fruit salad,) the gift opening begins! We don’t do big presents in our family… Just thoughtful ones. This year the hit gift with the girls was a thoughtful AND big present from their uncle: an entire community of elves and dragons. Pretty fun! Especially since my brother and his girlfriend hid the elves and dragons around the house for the girls to find.


Strangely, or perhaps wonderfully, the girls second favorite gift was the luggage that daddy and I gave them. You can tell they are really looking forward to going to Ethiopia. Plus, we gave them matching stuffie neck pillows.

Then the cook slaves all day… And we have a feast in the late afternoon. This year though, we had some delicious cassoulet for lunch, went skating downtown in the afternoon, and had a later supper.




For supper, my favorite: duck! Jason is always sad when we don’t have a turkey, but I preferred the smaller fowl instead. Plus, they take so much less time to cook.

And to top it all off… My favorite dessert in the world: Christmas pudding! I know most people don’t really like it, but I just love love love love love the dark richness of an authentic Christmas pudding. It was served flambé and with bourbon sauce, of course.


The next day, we had an extra Christmas treat. Our old neighbors coming back for a visit. It was so nice to see them… We miss them so much.


I hope you all had as delicious and cozy of a Christmas as we did. Merry Christmas! And to all a good, happy, ecstatic, wonderful new year!

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