Our 4 Family Days of Christmas: The Leadup

The last few days have been a flurry of activity… I think I have barely left the kitchen. The only times have been to eat, do coffee ceremony, watch ice skating and take a walk. But I’ve been surrounded by some of my favourite people, and have enjoyed almost every minute of it. Even from the kitchen.


To kick off the Christmas season, we had a coffee ceremony for three of my girlfriends, my brother, his girlfriend and my parents. It was lovely… The kids played upstairs, periodically chased around by my brother, who always seems to have energy for chasing games. It was nice just to show my family what a coffee ceremony is like, and to chat and chat and chat the Ethiopian way.


The next day, we went out and got a Christmas tree. I know, I know, we were really late this year. But somehow we just didn’t get to it until then. But we piled into the cars, and went out to the tree farm directly up the hill.


The girls amused themselves by sledding down the hill through the half grown trees, while I sawed the tree under the careful supervision of my parents.


Unfortunately, Jason had to work. But some hot chocolate around the fire and a drive down the hill later, he joined us to decorate the tree.


We could probably call this the Crafting Christmas. My brother and his girlfriend did lots of crafts with the kids, and Spice crafted all Christmas Day, working on here pompom puppies. Meanwhile, I crafted in the kitchen. Some of our meal highlights: cinnamon buns, ancient grains pancakes with blueberry sauce, Scottish oats and fruit salad, cassoulet, borscht and biscuits, leek and mushroom quiche and spinach salad, and don’t forget desserts… Caramel pear crumble, home canned lavender cherries, cookies. And that wasn’t even including Christmas supper! More on that in Part B.


Anyway, the girls and I really enjoyed the house full of family. Right now, the little rugrats are asleep on the chaise in front of the Christmas tree, with the lights sparkling and one of them softly snoring.


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