Advent Calenders: German Christmas Style


Some of you may not know that I spent my grade 12 year on Germany. That year, at such an impressional age, left its imprint on me in big and small ways. My husband once said that my values all come from my parents, but many of my habits come from Nanne, my German host mom.

It’s true! I take a lot of pleasure in making our house “gemütlich” – cozy. That’s a very German thing to do.

I wrap presents with real bows.

And at Christmas time, we make advent calendars for the girls that contain a little present for each of the 24 days before Christmas.

We had a great advent calendar with little stockings from one of our German exchange students, who is now big and grown. But it started to wear out. So this year, the girls and our little furry helper and I decided to make advent calendars for each of them.


It was pretty easy. We traced 48 stockings… Twice! Then I glued them together with sewing glue. Lastly, the girls hung them with safety pins on the ribbon. And voila! Advent calendars.


We filled them with little toys and candy, and the girls have raced downstairs every morning since to see what is inside the next one.

A lovely tradition, isn’t it?


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