Five years ago this week…

We received an update on the twin two year olds we had been matched with! We had received a referral in October, 2009, and this was our first update.

Sugar, November 2008


The girls were so darling… They had their heads shaved, due to a fungus on their heads when they moved from the orphanage. The jerseys were the tradition home’s soccer team. I don’t know if they played against anyone else, or if they just played against each other! Lol

Spice, November 2008


At this point, the girls couldn’t dress themselves yet. They were only 83 cm (2’8″) tall and weighed 21 lbs. it’s hard to understand how tiny they were. When I met them 9 months later, they still had that toddler bowlegged gait, and at 3, had the gross motor skills of a typical 18 month old. Tiny.

You can see how bright they were, though, even then. And scared, and nervous, and little.

Spice and Sugar, September, 2013

What an amazing thing, to see them five years later! There is something to seeing a child blossom in a home. Although they’ve barely put on any weight this past year, the girls continue to grow. They are now tall enough to ride the surfing machine at the swimming pool!

As good as the care at the orphanage and transition home was (at least until near the end) it’s my experience that a child can only truly blossom and come into their own, in a permanent home.

Cheers to five years!

Spice, Mommy and Sugar, October, 2013

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