Cozy Cabin: Temporary Homeschool

In a cabin, in the woods, little girls by the window stood.
Saw Laughlin and Maggie racing by, barking at the ferry.

“Help me! Help me! help me!” They said.
“Before my Mommy makes me do more math.”

“Patience little rabbits,” said the boss.
“Finish your phonics and then play outside.”

This week Jason as working in Nelson, so we decided to pack up the kids and take a working holiday along with him. The clinic owners have a little house in the village of Procter, so we are camped out in a cozy cabin beside Kootenay Lake.

I told the girls they could skip school for four days, on the condition that they did their schoolwork in the cabin each morning. So this week, we are temporary homeschoolers 🙂

After a relatively sleepless night of Laughlin waking me up three times (he always does this in a new location) we woke bright and early. The girls took the dogs for their morning constitutional walk, and found a fenced back yard on the way. So the dogs have been running around enjoying the fresh air, and the girls took a prebreakfast swing in their jammies. Then after a couple of hours of addition and phonics, we walked over the general store and bought some delicious goodies for lunch. Homeschool for two days was done by lunchtime. 🙂

At this rate, I’m going to have to figure out more things for the girls to do. They built fires today, played ping pong, did a puzzle. Wowsas, the pioneers must have has a lot of time for leisure….





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