Telecommuting: Happy Dogs, Happy Me

I worked from home on and off since I started consulting when I was 20 years old. There are lots of advantages to telecommuting.
Nowadays, I do most of my preparation and marking at home for the college, and I also run our businesses and Vulnerable Children Society from home. For me, I like the flexibility to do which tasks move me and to take breaks whenever I like. I also like the atmosphere and the ready cup of tea. I get a lot of visitors in my office! And there is always a buzz in the house. And if I want to start the day with a walk through our neighborhood to the pharmacy with my husband, I can do that. Flexibility is a key to the whole thing.

The other occupants of the household, also love me working at home. You can see Laughlin enjoying my company and the fireplace as I prepare for a final exam. The dogs and cats love having us around! Laughlin is always locked in his crate when we are not home, so us being at home means he has a lot more freedom and attention.

I also think about the reciprocal advantage for me. There are many studies that cite the positive influence of pets in the workplace. I think the constant company also relaxes me and lightens up my day.

Of course the downsides are the lack of in person collegiality, and the constant access to snacks! However, I think the good outweighs the bad.

What about you? If you work at home what do you like the best, or the least, about working in your home?

2 thoughts on “Telecommuting: Happy Dogs, Happy Me

  1. i recently renovated my home studio – i’m an artist and work from home. at the time, i thought a nice sofa would be a GREAT idea for my space – oh dear…

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