Wine Wednesday: Borsao Granacha


Robert Parker declared that this wine is one of the best values in the world. I have to agree that it’s a great deal for approximately fifteen dollars! I brought a bottle to the mom’s retreat I attended in Silver Star last weekend.

Borsao’s Granache wine is a juicy, robust wine made from Granache, Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It’s made in the gorgeous region of Borja, Spain. It’s a very old region… There are vineyards that have held estate for over 900 years. Almost half of the vines planted today are over thirty years old.

Pour yourself a glass of this bright purple, totally opaque wine. You’ll sniff aromas of blackberry, kirsch, squid ink, charcoal, violets, allspice, grape coolaid, white pepper.

Then taste: dried berries, old wood barrels with medium toast, black tea, fresh ground pepper.

This wine has high acid, medium+ smooth tannins, warm alcohol. This is a hot climate wine with cool nights… Fresh acidity from the cool nights but warmth of alcohol and juicy berries from the daytime heat. The region is between the Iberian mountain ranges and the Embro valley. The soils are dark, with lime, and a mix of rockiness and organic matter. It’s a balanced wine form the soil up.

Enjoy with a ripe soft cheese, and chickpea based veggie dishes or roasted pork. Yum!

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