The adoption eagle has landed! Dossier arrives in Ethiopia

We are very excited to announce that Jason and I are officially paper pregnant again!
Our dossier has landed in Ethiopia and we are on our way to a new son. It’s so exciting!

Adoption is full of waiting and those occasional milestones. It’s an extreme race of hurry up and wait. And wait. And wait. You do get tired of the wait. I forgot about our adoption most days (quite contrary to the daily haunting that happened when I was waiting for the girls.) the news on Friday was a wonderful wake up out of my mid-adoption oblivion.

We have been in the stage of pre-process for quite some time. It’s so invigorating to meet another milestone and have our paperwork land in Ethiopia. For anyone not familiar with the Ethiopian adoption process in depth, our dossier includes our homestudy profile of our family, as well as 1000million notarized copies of every important document in our lives. Now in Ethiopia, this dossier will soon be sent to various government agencies. And then the dossier will be ready for presentation to an orphanage.

When a child becomes available for adoption, then appropriate parents are selected. I have no idea how long it will be untill we are selected as the best parents for a two, three, or four year old boy. It could be a short time, since we are open to a variety of special needs, or it could be a super long time. But usually the agency does not send a dossier that does not have a reasonable expectation of being matched with in the expiry of two years. So it’s definitely a positive that our profile and paperwork have arrived on Ethiopian soil.

Let’s hope that we have more news to share in the coming months, on our way to a new Ethiopian side.

In the meanwhile, I will retrain myself to immediately go out and buy boys clothes and start nesting. After all, our little one’s new room is full of shampoo and body lotion. 🙂

9 thoughts on “The adoption eagle has landed! Dossier arrives in Ethiopia

  1. That is too bad that Lesotho didn’t work out. It looked like such a promising program 6 years ago. Hoping of a speedy match for you. You have been the QUEEN of patience.

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