Halloween.. It runs in the family

Everyone in our family gets into Halloween in a pretty big way. Jason had to work last night, so they girls and I went out hardcore trick or treating. Heck, they had to get enough candy for mommy and daddy too!

I love trick or treating! Not only is it fun to dress up, but you get to see all your neighbours in one night. It’s one of those rare neighbourhood interaction we have nowadays. That’s why I don’t get Halloween parties for kids on Halloween night… To me, it seems like such a miss not to be a part of the hood.

The girls were exhausted when they brought their haul home. I’ve done different things over the years to govern the amount of sugar that they ingest, but this year, I let them eat as much as they wanted in one night. At least then the damage isn’t done over several days. It was pretty funny to see them rolling on the floor with bellies full of chocolate. Oddly enough, they went right to sleep after, and only had minor candy hangovers in the morning.


But the girls weren’t the only family members to dress up. The girls and I found the perfect costumes for Maggie and Laughlin. Daddy, NFL fan, totally approved. I wouldn’t let one of my daughters dress up like a cheerleader with a short skirt, but I don’t think I need to worry about the cocker spaniel being overly sexualized.

I have to show you one more family costumer, because it’s so amazing. My sister does this amazing face painting, but usually doesn’t work on herself. This year she entered the zombie walk in her home town, however, and for obvious reasons, scooped the prize for best costume. Isn’t that amazing? Face paint and some toilet paper. Now that’s talent.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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