Elves have invaded our Spooktacular house

There are some suspicious little people traipsing around the garden at night lately. They look cute, with those perky little ears! But I have a feeling they are just after the household candy!

The girls and I have been having a blast getting ready for Halloween the last two weeks.


We’ve decorated, painted pumpkins, and created the cutest elf costumes ever.


The pumpkins are from yard, plus two from Covert Farms. We decided to paint them, so that we could eat them and put them in pasta later. Don’t you love the stencils on them? Why, it’s Laughlin and Maggie, of course!


The girls saw an elf costume in a Halloween magazine at Auntie Ena’s house, and have wanted to create the costumes ever since. Spice is an elf Princess, and Sugar is a (self-titled) worker elf.

The trick of these costumes was the ears. Where the sam-heck do you find black elf ears? Another one of those white privilege things you don’t realize until you bump up against it. We went off to the Halloween store, and I picked up the ears and some werewolf paint. At the till, I asked the lady “can I paint the elf ears with this brown face paint?”

She looked at me like I had two heads, and asked “why would you want to do that?”

I flicked my eyes over at the girls. She looked, and said “oh.” Then she smiled a big smile, and graciously said “let’s try it out on a scar I just happen to have here behind the till!” She then proceeded to stuff the kids full of brownies, tried out the makeup, and sent us on our way with a smile. Pretty nice.

So I painted the ears, several times (we found out at the first party that it wipes off with water,) and now we have the cutest little elves ever. I think they should just keep them on… I like the idea of a garden elf!

Happy Halloween, everybody! May it be full of candy, mystery and fu

2 thoughts on “Elves have invaded our Spooktacular house

  1. Great costumes! The first thing I wondered about were the ears. You matched them so well that I thought maybe you had bought the kind used in movies. The pumpkins look great too- love the dog stencils. 🙂

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