A Home-Grown Thanksgiving

One of the great pleasures of having your own garden is eating the food you produce, and sharing it with others.

I woke up Thanksgiving Day, thoughtful, and musing to my us and, “What exactly are we celebrating, anyway?”

I mean, we are far removed from the Pilgrim and American Indians and the whole American Thanksgiving story. It really has nothing to do with this secular holiday that everyone in Canada celebrates weeks before the Americans do.

Well, my husband just looked at me, as if it was obvious. “We are celebrating the harvest, of course,” the farm boy replied.

Well then, that sat with me. After all, our menu was full of vegetables we had grown right in our garden. Our turkey grew up on a free range farm just kilometres from our house, the bread was baked from local flour at a small shop a few blocks away. The potatoes we got from a local farmer, but the beets, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob… And of course the apples in the stuffing and pie! Those all came from to the Rowan homestead.

The girls had fun helping me cook… But I think they had more fun dissecting the bird’s innards afterwards. They do get it from both sides of the family, I guess!

As we all know, turkey’s take forever to cook, and we had a real monster this year (guess who didn’t preorder her turkey and was lucky to catch the last one in the store?) so we spent four hours in the middle of the day working outside in the garden on the new winter home for our cluckers.

It’s my own passive solar design with a used window and an old door from our house as the walls. Cool eh?

The girls worked on their Brownie Wood Working badge, learning safety and how to use the tools. Then they started spontaneously nature crafting.

One of my daughters commented to me today that it was one of our best family days she could remember. 🙂

Then, the turkey was finally done…

And our friend T and J and their kid lets spontaneously joined us to eat. How delicious!

It was a lovely Thankgiving, and a lovely family day. I think we celebrated the fall harvest in the best way possible… With family and friends!


2 thoughts on “A Home-Grown Thanksgiving

  1. That looks so good!! I miss your food, I miss your cooking time 🙂

    The girls have grown so much since I last saw them!
    And say hi to T and J from me 🙂

    Happy thanksgiving, miss you guys

    • We miss you too!,

      And I’m glad you miss my cooking. The kitchen is getting crowded as they get older! Lol maybe one day well have stools Instead of the big chair!

      I’ll pass along your hellos 🙂

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