Our Dozen Pets: Relative Peace and Harmony

Lately, I have taken a strange delight in telling people that we have 12 pets. I don’t know what it is about the even dozen, but it sounds really cool! It also sounds a little crazy.

We definitely are animal lovers… When I met Jason I already had two dogs, and he considered it an asset. Well, Hamish, the best dog ever, has since passed. And Maggie is getting older, deaf, and demanding in her old age. But she is still the matriarch of our little clan of animals.
Speaking of Maggie, she is doing very well these days. She is getting deaf and is pretty blind at the ripe ole age of 13. But her arthritis is under reasonable control and, thanks to the supplements Jason has given her, her coat is shiny and she is generally in a good mood. She has had some problems with her spine lately, though, so her nervous system is not speaking to her back legs properly. That means she stumbles a lot on the stairs. But she still enjoys her daily walk to the girls’ elementary school. She’s doing remarkably well in her senior years.
Laughlin, our Cairn Terrier come lately, is his usual barky and upbeat self. Actually, Laughlin has improved a lot over the last couple of years. At one point, I think he was possibly the worst dog I have ever met. He bit the girls all the time, peed all over the house, and chased the cats to kill them. Now, he still will pee in the house if left unsupervised. It’s a lonely thing. But he only chases the cat half the time. And his relationship has completely improved with the girls. In fact, he has changed from the worst dog I have ever met to a very medium dog. Congratulations, Laughlin ! LOL. But in truth, he has always been very cuddly, affectionate, friendly and loving little dude. 20131003-211256.jpgThe cats are doing well up in their apartment upstairs. Haatim has also really seen a lot of health improvements in the last year. He was really cranky and didn’t want much to do with anyone. But after some very very very nasty stuff in the litter box, Jason took charge. He changed his food and added some probiotics. And voila! In short, he’s a new cat! He’s much more cuddly, friendly and often wants his tummy petted. It’s so nice to see him doing better.
Vega is her old self. She loves to cuddle and lick you like nobody’s business. I can’t believe my little baby kitten is already eight years old! She sleeps at night in the girls’ bed and keeps Spice company on the top bunk.
Then, there are the hamsters. These are actually interesting little things. When the girls got them from Santa last year, little did I know how much I would enjoy these small, affectionate rodents. Would you believe that Peetrik comes when I call!? They are both super cuddly and I get a snuggle with them every night that I watch a little television upstairs. The only weird thing about hamsters is that one of them often gets loose. My dad was helping the girls change their hamster cages when we were away in Morocco, and since, the cages haven’t been quite the same. 🙂 Peetrik will seize any opportunity, if her cage is not completely shut, to go wandering about the living room. We have no idea where she goes… Because as soon as she is out of her cage we cannot find her. We have not even found her droppings, to figure out where she goes! But when we come back in the morning she is always snuggled safely in her cage. Thank goodness! The only dicey time was when Hannah got loose, and broke into her sister’s cage. We found them battle scarred in the morning, sleeping at opposite ends. But that’s the only time that they have come home scarred from a breakout.
The fish are the fish. Not much to write there. One of the few quiet moments of Zen in my day is feeding the fish, and watching them, like giant Koi fish, gulp up the fish food. For the benefit of our neighbors who bequeathed the fish to us, I will also say, they are in excellent health.
And then there are our two feathered friends in the backyard. They are so funny! And sugar the lights in checking on them several times a day. Sometimes the girls set up lawn chairs right in front of their tractor, just so they can watch them. It’s also nice to have pets that actually contribute to the bottom line, instead of cost a fortune.

That’s a good summary of our furry, scaled, and feathery family members. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well, and is coexisting in relative peace and harmony.
Note that I did not post about our pets on Frugal Fridays! Because it does take quite a bit to keep this circus going. But, we like living in the zoo… It may be a bit messy and chaotic, but it sure keeps life interesting.

4 thoughts on “Our Dozen Pets: Relative Peace and Harmony

  1. Love it ! I’m with you. We have three cats, a dog, five fish, and a rabbit ALL in a small bungalow in Nelson. Soon we hope to add two children through adoption. Our house is about to get crazier and we wouldn’t have it any way. I can’t imagine not having pets. Your household sounds awesome.


  2. We have six. Three dogs; three cats. I don’t do rodents anymore, and we’ve never had fish or birds. But I am hoping to add a couple of miniature goats.

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