Frugal Fridays: Four step kids clothes planning system


One thing about being the mother of twins is that you need to buy almost two of everything, and there are never any hand-me-downs. That’s why having a system for the seasonal rotation of the girls planning is extra essential in our house. I know it also helps save us a lot of money, as we can stretch our dollars, don’t overbuy, and don’t miss the fleeting chance for them to wear the clothes before they grow out of them!

So here’s my system.

First of all, I almost never buy anything for the girls full-price. The only exception to this is underwear, socks and shoes. You never really know when they will need to move up a size. But everything, I buy off season. So for example, it’s Fall now, and the girls are mostly wearing size 6 clothes. But when I’m at Superstore this week, I’ll be cruising the clearance racks for size 7 bathing suits and shorts for next year.

I also buy the girls clothes off season online. I’ll notice a big clearance sale at the Gap, for example, and then top it with an online coupon, and send a package of next year’s clothes to my parents’ mail box across the border. The girls are so skinny, the only jeans they really fit are Gap skinnies, so we always have to stock up. Those things are expensive!! We also buy a lot of second hand clothes, which stretch the budget a long way.

Secondly, it’s easy to overbuy. So I have a list of how many sweaters, hoodies, pants, skirts, etc that the girls need in each size. As I buy clothing items, I cross them off the list, and make a mental note…. “no more dresses!” It’s hard sometimes not to buy stuff when you see something really cute, but it’s a bit easier when you know you have all sorts of unworn treasures already at home.

You are probably wondering where I keep this off-season clothing stockpile. Well, this is the third step. We have two huge blue bins in the basement… One for too small clothes, that gets passed onto friends. The other bin is for off season and too big clothes.

Every Spring and every Fall, we do our biannual turning of the closet. I take everything out from the past season, and am quite merciless about giving away stuff that will be too small by next year, and throwing out stuff with stains or holes. Then I make the girls try on every piece of clothing from the off-season/too-big bin. It takes an hour or so, but I adjust waist bands, and end up with only clothes that are the right season and actually fit, in their closets.

All these components steps of our clothing systems makes saving money on kids clothes a piece of cake: off-season buying, a list of items, the big bins and seasonal rotation.

Any other ways to save money clothing the kids I should be aware of?



7 thoughts on “Frugal Fridays: Four step kids clothes planning system

  1. Have you checked out Crazy 8? I get a lot of X’s clothes there when they have their 9.99 jeans/5.99 shirt sales. I never pay full price for clothes!


  2. Are your selling the too small clothes to a consignment store? I find I get about 25% back on the clothing that I bring in there.

  3. I do the exact same thing!! I actually just finished all my kids’ closets last weekend. My daughter is pretty slim and she fits the slim fits from Please Mum and Children’s Place. The only other piece of advice that I have is to upcycle their used clothing on local buy and sell facebooks sites. (I actually buy a lot of clothing from these sites as well!) If you got a good enough sale price, by the time you sell them used, you will have only actually paid a fraction of the original price!
    (Crazy 8 does have great clothes!)

  4. If you have Value Village Stores in your area shop on their 50% off day. Apply the same logic – shop for the next season in larger sizes. I do 90% of my kids clothes shopping on those discount days. Same as you I get my kids to try on all the stash of larger sizes twice a year and keep a list of what they need or don’t need in next sizes. Also shop close out sales for runners/boots…………we had a local sporting good store close out and I got runners in the next 3 sizes for both of my kids at crazy low prices!!

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